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Dr. Sanjiv Chopra

Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School, #1 International Best-selling Author and Motivational Speaker

“Break Free to Stand in Your Power” is an elegant and inspiring collection of chapters. Reading these magical stories and imbibing the many life lessons shared in them will cause your spirits to soar to greater heights and help you achieve your full potential.”

Nancy Tarr Hart PhD

Author, Speaker Currently Chair and Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Notre Dame of Maryland University

“Seema Giri has pulled together an impressive group of authors who share their powerful personal stories and the even more powerful lessons they learned from those experiences. From those lessons, the authors gleaned precious bits of guidance to assist others in moving to their own place of power, acceptance, and brilliance by “breaking free” of those patterns, persons, behaviors—anything at all—that no longer serve the journey. It will be a cherished instrument toward helping many to journey to their rightful place of power!”

Heather Burgett

Award-winning Publicist,
Shine Strategist #1 International Best-Selling Author of The Business of Connections

“Break Free to Stand in Your Power” is a powerful compilation of inspiring real-life stories. These journeys of transformation and the triumph of the human spirit will enlighten, inspire and motivate you to embrace your own unlimited potential.”


I truly believe you have it in you to live a life of passion and purpose. I want to help you make it happen. Let me help you unlock your personal performance, establish yourself as an expert, and increase your income so you can start living a life of legacy NOW.

For 30 years, I’ve had the honor of mentoring and training nearly 100,000 leaders, helping them tap into their potential and transform their mindset to become unstoppable in their lives and careers. Let me do the same for you.

I am a 4x #1 International Bestselling and Award-winning Author, Book-Writing Mentor, Publisher, Renowned Speaker, and Leadership Mentor. I believe every individual has the power to change the world through their brand, business, and message – and I’m here to help you unleash that power.

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