Master the Feminine Approach To Build Wealth with Patricia Allen

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Master the Feminine Approach To Build Wealth
Our Special Guest today is, Patricia Allen, Wealth Advisor, Women’s Financial Empowerment Expert.  
Our podcast are typically 30 mins, but this is such an important topic we dedicated nearly an hour for it.
Patricia Allen, CRPC®   is a Wealth Advisor, Women’s Financial Empowerment Expert, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, award- winning author, trainer and speaker who specializes in helping women navigate the complex world of personal finance and wealth management.  As a professional woman working in a male-dominated field for 25 years, Patricia has recognized that a woman’s style of communication and ways of learning are different than most men.  She provides an environment that supports women’s natural style of communicating.   Over the years Patricia has found that women’s problems with money have little to do with money itself- – but rather the fear or uncertainty toward it.  Instead of pressing women to pursue financial success in the traditional sense, she helps them redefine financial empowerment from a feminine perspective. 
Patricia’s Life By Your Design Blueprint empowers women to master the feminine approach to money – that allows them to deal with money with their heads as well as their hearts and expand their understanding of money from simple accounts and numbers to stories that show how deeply their relationship to money can influence the people and things they love in their lives.  
Patricia’s vision is to create a world where every woman feels inspired and motivated to move beyond her fears; where she feels confident in her financial abilities to make important financial decisions and create the life of her dreams.    When women are in control of their finances, they control their destiny.  If women really understood their true power, we would live in a different world.    It’s important to use your money to express your values and beliefs – that is your power.
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