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Wake Up to Your Divinely-Inspired Health with Veena Singla

Break Free to Brilliance Podcast:

Break Free to Brilliance Ep. 52: Wake Up to Your Divinely-Inspired Health with Veena Singla

Veena Singla, International Health and Wellness Educator

“I feel we should think of the divine power within ourselves. You are in control of that and that divine power is your own power connected with your soul,” explains Veena Singla, international health and wellness educator and co-author of Break Free to Health and Vitality. In Veena’s chapter “Wake Up to Your Divinely-Inspired Health,” she discusses the importance of connecting with your divine power to help you live a healthier life. Veena joins us on today’s Author Series episode to discuss the importance of eating healthy, taking control over our thoughts, and connecting with ourselves on a higher, more spiritual level.

Veena hopes that readers of her chapter will reach the understanding that we can heal ourselves from the inside. During her own personal journey with cancer and an autoimmune disease, she discovered that she recovered faster when she was eating healthy, whole foods and avoiding negative, toxic thoughts. She encourages readers to connect with the divine power within themselves in order to feel less hopeless and more powerful. 

By taking back control of our bodies with healthy foods, positive thoughts, and spiritual reflection, we can break free to a healthier self. Tune into this week’s episode of Break Free to Brilliance for tips on how to connect with your divine power and change your mindset in regard to health and disease. 



  • “I have always dreamt about writing a book on cancer for the common man to understand what cancer is.” (06:52-07:01 | Veena)
  • “I feel that cancer can be easily eliminated from the food we eat and the thoughts we think. The cancer is nothing but a crabgrass. If we eliminate the crabgrass, then we can eliminate the cancer from the body.” (07:40-08:06 | Veena) 
  • “In a day alone, we think of 70-80,000 thoughts…Out  of that, 50% are repetitive and 100% of that is negative.” (12:15-12:32 | Seema)
  • “Number one, I feel we should also think of divine power within ourselves. You are in control of that and that divine power is your own power connected with your soul and use that. When I was sick with cancer or heart disease, that was very much part of me. I saw God behind the doctor and anybody who was helping me…that was very powerful.” (14:29-15:14 | Veena)
  • “We have to read some scriptures every morning. You start your day with reading 4 lines, 5 lines, whatever you want. And that inspires you the whole day. Think about that message you read and dwell on that. The other things will take care of it… When you’re sick your body is 90% healthy. It’s only 5-10% wrong, so we have to take care of the healthy part of the body. The other things: we’ll let the doctor take care of that.” (15:49-16:31 | Veena)
  • “Think about your own power…and use that. Don’t let it go in vain.” (22:30-22:41 | Veena)
  • “Let’s align our hearts, words, and actions just like the chiropractor aligns our spine.” (24:27-24:34 | Veena)
  • “Love yourself and take time for yourself. If you need a breather during this holiday season, if you need to step out and away just to get grounded…do that. When you can do that more for yourself, you can show up in a much better way for everyone else. We’re always thinking about taking care of others and doing things for others, which is a great thing.  But what’s even better is if along with taking care of everyone else, you can take care of yourself as well.” (25:20-25:56 | Seema)


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