Transform by Fire with Ariel Bickel

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Transform by Fire with Ariel Bickel

Ariel Bickel is a co-author in the book Break Free to Stand in Your Power compiled by Seema Giri.  This book now is a #1 International Best Seller. Visit for more anthology information.

Ariel Bickel is the Visionary Rebel and Head Instigator behind The Shifters Collective and WOFILAs (Women of Fire In A Life Aflame) movements, which engage kindred visionary leaders and game-changers through personal growth and collective service to humanity and the world. Her signature program and paradigm-shifting approach, Becoming the Fire, has emerged as a dynamic and liberating way to support profound personal transformation and shift within individuals, political campaigns, organizations, community groups, and wherever else it’s needed.

Ariel, a highly respected and sought-after transformational coach, speaker, trainer, facilitator, author, and activist, has more than three decades of rabble-rousing, service to others, and personal growth work under her belt. Her own story details her journey of self-determination; forged in a crucible of family violence and dysfunction, at 18, she makes the conscious decision to move away and create a different kind of life for herself, to choose her own identity and make her own rules. This unusual journey actually began just months shy of her fifth birthday, when Ariel’s father and stepmother abducted her from her grandparents’ home while her mother was out.

After changing their identities, her parents took the family underground for years; Ariel wouldn’t learn of her true identity for another eleven years, and wouldn’t meet her birth mother for another ten years after that. Eventually, Ariel did discover and reclaim her true identity, and has spent the past three decades healing herself while encouraging others to stand in their own power. Today, she is a free, fierce, and unapologetic visionary activist, coach of coaches, and leader of leaders. Ariel’s mission is to support others in claiming their personal power, joy, and fulfillment which are their birthrights, to shift themselves so that they may shift the world.


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