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When You Publish Your Story in Our Anthology

You join heart-centered community of leaders and change makers dedicated to harnessing the power of the collective to support each others' businesses, missions, and journeys.
Like you they are committed to making the world a better place through the power of their story.

Publishing with us opens you up to so many opportunities:

✓ Book Lucrative Speaking Engagements at conferences, seminars and summits

✓ Writing Opportunities & Interviews for print and digital media 

✓ Special Invitations to premier events, thus providing more face time with your ideal clients.

✓ Get featured as an expert on magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and TV and radio programs

✓ Interview appearances on podcasts, news programs, and other live streaming broadcasts.

✓ Run Your Own Workshops leverage the book to run your very own workshops.

We’ll work with you every step of the way!

We have a wonderful team of experts who will take care of everything for you so you can focus on honing in on your message and writing your story.

Our Two Step Process

Step 1

Write Your Chapter

Write 1,500-2500 words
With total guidance from me by your side

Step 2

We Do the Rest

From content review to book production and everything in between.

The Anthology is Done! Best Seller Time!

    All Co-Authors and I…

  • Promote your book, brand and business across all platforms your audience engages on
  • Leverage your increased visibility of your story with your co-authors network
  • Amplify your influence and impact through the journey of becoming a best selling author

Are You Ready to Become a Bestselling Author?

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Discover a way to grow your business by writing your story! Publish with us and you can include the “International Bestselling Author” on your credentials, expand your audience reach, find your ideal clients, and establish yourself as the go-to authority in your industry.

Here’s what your Anthology Co-Author Package includes:

  • Your very own Chapter and Author Profile
  • Professional editing
  • Kindle and Paperback Version
  • 2 Day Full-scale Best-Selling Visibility Campaign
  • Global distribution to online retailers
  • Creation of all promotional  assets
  • You keep all rights to your chapter
  • A Private Facebook Page for all authors to network, build relationship and get key updates on the book 
  • A 60-minute Chapter Strategy Consultation with your mentor, Seema Giri
  • Regular Group Author Calls with Seema

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About Seema Giri

Hi, I’m Seema Giri, a 4x #1 international bestselling and award winning author, book-writing mentor, public speaker, and storyteller with a 30-year career in coaching and mentoring, having impacted the lives of over 100,000 leaders and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. With my publishing platform, I give everyday heroes – spiritually aligned women leaders and heart-centered men – a space to share their transformational stories to provide healing and hope for the world.

This venture was inspired by my opportunity to co-author the book The Authorities with Dr. John Gray of the popular Mars/Venus book series. The experience of sharing my own transformational journey made me realize the power of our stories – how sharing them can provide better understanding amongst each other and can motivate others to take a massive inspired action in their own lives.

As a publisher, I’ve published four anthologies during the pandemic. All the anthologies feature leaders and entrepreneurs who share their inspiring personal stories of growth. Becoming published authors have helped these inspiring individuals establish themselves experts in their respective fields. It has likewise become a key tool for people to be inspired and stay optimistic about the future.

The world needs your story to heal. I firmly believe that we can provide healing and hope to the world by sharing our stories with one another. I would be honored to help you fulfill this mission. Together, our words and stories can make a difference.


Michele Sugiyama

#1 International Best Selling Author Break Free to Stand in Your Power and Break Free to Health & Vitality

I decided to join this journey with Seema because I love her heart. I love the fact that she believes that everybody has a story to tell that can help others. It was finally time for me to tell mine. From the get-go, Seema was always there for us and was very positive. The book launch was incredible. She had orchestrated this beautiful book launch from having entertainers to speakers and everything in between. When Seema proposed another book, I was already ALL in for Break Free to Health & Vitality Book.

Mary Thomas

#1 International Best Selling Author Break Free to Stand in Your Power and  Break Free to Health & Vitality

It was a twist of fate the way I met Seema. I was looking for a long lost cousin on Facebook and I saw Seema’s post about co-authoring a book. We definitely clicked immediately and I didn’t have any doubts of signing up. My experience working with her was very good. She is very patient and she gave me a good timeline where I didn’t feel pressured at all. It’s a given that I’m working with her again in her 3rd book, Break Free to Health & Vitality

Karina Aragon

#1 International Best Selling Author Break Free to Stand in Your Power and Break Free to Peace, Love and Unity

Thank you Seema ! I didn’t know what I was getting into but the experience was very exciting. Especially the launch – Seema gave us a magical launch with amazing speakers and live musical performances. I had no idea we would make International Bestsellers but we did. She really wants to make a difference to help others Stand in their Power. I am so glad that I chose this book to be my first one to be involved in. I highly recommend her so much so that I am in her 2nd book, Break Free to Peace, Love and Unity