About Break Free International Summit & Book Launch

Join Seema Giri and her amazing group of the everyday superheroes disguised as heart centered entrepreneurs, mother, father, neighbor and friend. These are amazing changemakers that have imagined a world where anything was possible, stood in their power, broke free from external chains, mustered the courage to be their authentic self and found their unique voice to create a bigger impact on those around them.

You will feel inspired to take action, make changes and leave your empowering footprint, shining your brilliance wherever you have walked.

Break Free International Summit takes you from imagination to the reality of actually accomplishing this. We show case through our authors that it has been done. Possibilities exponentially grow when a group of like-minded people gather and share their potential to: imagine, impact and inspire the change.

Inside the summit, you’ll join like-minded heart centered changemakers and walk away with:

• Practical guide on how to focus & thrive in unprecedented times.

• Clear guidance on how to discover, design and deliver your life and business by design… even when it feels impossible.

• A supportive community of like minded people.

• And so much more…

Featured Speakers

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Presenting Co-Authors of Power of You Book

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“Break Free to Stand in Your Power is an elegant and inspiring collection of chapters. Reading these magical stories and imbibing the many life lessons shared in them will cause your spirits to soar to greater heights and help you achieve your full potential.”

Dr. Sanjiv Chopra

Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School

“Break Free to Stand in Your Power is a powerful compilation of inspiring real-life stories. These journeys of transformation and the triumph of the human spirit will enlighten, inspire and motivate you to embrace your own unlimited potential.”

Heather Burgett

Award-winning Publicist, Shine Strategist
#1 International Best-Selling Author of The
Business of Connections

“Thank you Seema  Giri!  Seema knows how to get things DONE. I didn’t know what I was getting into but the experience was very exciting. Especially the launch Seema gave us a magical launch with amazing speakers and live musical performances.  She really wants to make a difference to help others Stand in their Power. I am so glad that I chose this book to be my first one to be involved in. I highly recommend her so much so that I am in  her 2nd book, Break Free to Peace, Love and Unity”

Karina Aragon

#1 International Best Selling Author
Break Free to Stand in Your Power

“It was a twist of fate the way I met Seema.  We definitely clicked immediately and I didn’t have any doubts of signing up. My experience working with her was very good, she is very patient and she gave me a good timeline where I didn’t feel pressured at all. It’s a given that I’m working with her again in her 3rd book, Break Free to Health & Vitality ”

Dr. Mary Thomas MD

#1 International Best Selling Author
Break Free to Stand in Your Power

“I decided to join this journey with Seema because I love her heart. I love the fact that she believes that everybody has a story to tell that can help others. It was finally time for me to tell mine. From the get-go, Seema was always there for us and was very positive. The book launch was incredible, she had orchestrated this beautiful book launch from having entertainers to speakers and everything in between. When Seema proposed another book, I was already ALL in for Break Free to Health & Vitality Book”

Michele Sugiyama

#1 International Best Selling Author
Break Free to Stand in Your Power

“Seema Giri is a name of inspiration. I’ve known the Giri’s for the last 20 years. I’ve seen her working as a professional when I first heard  about her book, about her life, about her pain, it was very inspirational. Seema, I congratulate you on writing this book and I’m sure this will bring value to people, those who are in pain, those who are struggling and have no support. Your book, your message, your story and your life will be an inspiration to those who need it to fight through their challenges. I wish you the very best”

Dr. Rihan Khan Suri

Professor (TPO)
JMI Central University

“Seema Giri has pulled together an impressive group of authors who share their powerful personal stories and the even more powerful lessons they learned from those experiences. From those lessons, the authors gleaned precious bits of guidance to assist others in moving to their own place of power, acceptance, and brilliance by “breaking free” of those patterns, persons, behaviors—anything at all—that no longer serve the journey. It will be a cherished instrument toward helping many to journey to their rightful place of power! ”

Nancy Tarr Hart PhD

Author, Speaker Currently Chair and Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Notre Dame of Maryland University

“Beautiful stories of strong individuals who discovered themselves through their struggles and their challenges in life while finding true meaning, pursuing their dreams, and overcoming that which was holding them back. Diverse, courageous, unique look into the lives of several powerful characters!”

Elle Ballard

Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Speaker
Founder of WOTWN

“In Break Free to Stand in Your Power, Seema Giri has compiled a group of interesting and different authors who bring you into their world. These authors describe in their own words the who, what, why, and where they had their awakening moment. Their experiences and expectations were intriguing and thought-provoking to say the least. I would recommend this book to anyone who is going through a tough time or wanting to change the direction of their life. The thoughtfulness and examples of how they made the changes needed to correct the direction of their life into who they are now are awe-inspiring and will definitely help you to take a different look at what you are going through.”

Elizabeth Clamon COO

The Clamon Group, International Bestselling Author
Professional Speaker, and Life and Business Coach

“I found Break Free to Stand in Your Power deeply inspiring. Each chapter is an incredible guide to breaking free from whatever may be holding you back in your life. Themes ranged from don’t give up, to changing your mindset, to having a burning desire, to honoring the innate gifts we all have, to changing your diet, to that we are limitless and that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to and that forgiveness is a critical step to break free. People are waiting for your gifts. Give yourself a gift and soak up the profound words in this book.”

Carol Fitzgerald

Author of 6 books, Sr. Model, YouTuber
Health Care Advocate