The Missing Secret to Your Success: How To Hit Your Goals By Prioritizing Self Care

In this talk Seema showcases her proven contrarian approach to personal and professional success through self care. She demonstrates that Self care is not a Luxury  but a Necessity and how to prioritize it despite how busy you are. She walks attendees through how they can Rebound, Reset and Realign themselves whenever they are faced  with adversity or setbacks….which is a part of life’s course for all of us. She will share how they can use her proprietary system to set, hit and enjoy the journey while hitting their goals.


1. How to strengthen their belief in themselves and trust their intuition so they can choose the best path for themselves.
2. How to redefine self care and the see the impact that it can have on their level of success in life.
3. How to take action no matter what is occurring in their life and keep the momentum for long lasting transformation.

How To Stop Playing Small: MASTERING The Break Free to Brilliance Blueprint

Here’s the reality; Today everyone is extremely busy, overloaded, and overcommitted. Everything is on the priority list except their own health and wellness. They see the value of it ONLY when it’s depleted. In this talk  Seema demonstrates how to break free from the needs of your external environment that has you pulled in different directions, so you can identify your brilliance and start leading your life, instead of being pulled by life.

Seema shares her step by step approach to help audiences to stop playing small and achieve exactly what they want through the pathway of making their health and wellness a priority.


1. The Break Free to Brilliance Blueprint so they can learn how the “secret” to having it all is through their health.
2.  How to reset, change or improve any aspect of their life and feel stronger, more powerful and rejuvenated.
3. How to easily redefine their priorities at any time and at any age and take consistent action towards them.

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Seema Giri is a powerful speaker whose vulnerability and authenticity are touching and moving. She made me feel like I have the power to overcome my health challenges and flourish.

– Kimi Avary, M.A. Relationship Navigation Specialist