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Writing a book is an amazing way to share your expertise, knowledge and experiences. It gives an opportunity for your clients, prospects and your network to get to know you and build your influence. 

It is also an incredible way to Increase Your Visibility where you are seen as an ExpertExpand Your Influence, and Make a Global Impact as a Published Author!

Whether you are an established author or aspiring writer, our programs will support you. It is our goal to take the pressure off of the entire publishing work for you to become a published author so that you can focus on your writing to reach the readers who are yearning to hear your informative and life-changing message, and to boost your visibility, influence, and success. 

We are providing a platform for the everyday heroes in our backyards to share their amazing stories and become known, seen and heard. Yes! You too can be a published author! Usually the first thought that comes in everybody’s mind is that. “I don’t have a story” believe us you do!  We all have a story, to find yours you can schedule a complimentary discovery call here:

Upcoming Writing Opportunities

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Brighter Side of The Pandemic

A Year of Paradigm Shifts, Inspiration & Transformation

Enrollment Open Now

Release Time

To be released in  2022

The Mission of this Book

Corona Virus has affected the world in innumerable ways. While many have been affected with unmeasurable pain and suffering, there have also been inspirational, heartwarming, transformational and paradigm shift moments.

Intention of the book is to provide powerful wisdom, tips, and insights on how no matter how bad your situation is there is always a brighter side. 

This book will become a powerful resource to those that are looking for support, inspiration and creative ideas to stretch beyond the ordinary means.  It will ignite the imagination to take the road less travelled and succeed beyond expectations.  It will serve our readers to step forward as women and men in a more empowered and purposeful way.

We will be taking up to 30 co-authors with an inspiring story to participate in this powerful book Compiled by Seema Giri. We will be doing our best-selling campaigns, publishing and printing to release our powerful book in 2022.

We look forward to having you join us for this empowering and transformational book if this project pulls at your heart!

Next Steps:

We are honored to be on the journey with you on your NEXT BOOK!!

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