Fail Forward with Sunil Cherian

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Fail Forward

Our special guest today is Sunil Cherian, CEO, Investor, Mentor and advisor, he will discuss on how to Fail Forward and be anything you want.

Sunil Cherian is a Silicon Valley CEO, investor, mentor and advisor to startups, and can be frequently found coaching business owners and families on financial literacy and supporting his wife on her journey to business ownership as a financial consultant and service provider and being the biggest cheer leader for his son to find and follow his passion.

He is also passionate about learning and serves as an advisor to some non profits who support the colleges and universities that he has been affiliated with. He is hopeful of transferring some of the learning mindset to the next generation of leaders and their teachers who influence them. He has a Bachelors in Technology from College of Engineering, Trivandrum, India and a Masters in Computer Science from SUNY Albany, and has spent nearly 30 years in the technology and related fields. You can connect with him on LinkedIn at or Facebook at

He is a co-founder and CEO of Copperwire Systems, ( Copper Wire Systems is your bridge between the blockchain, and all the efficiency, security and visibility benefit it can provide to logistics, procurement, finance and more. It provides the technology, application and middleware services to make blockchain accessible and increase enterprise ‘blockchain conductivity’.

He is also the founder and CEO of Mentor Global, (, a company that pioneered and evolved the idea of outcome based learning. With its customer and partner, UST Global, they successfully launched the “STEP IT UP America” initiative which has led to over 1000 minority women and veterans get IT jobs with Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to this, he was a founding team member of Array Networks, and was a key member of the management team that took the company public. He started his technology career in the US with VMX and was eventually part of Octel Communications and Lucent Bell Labs.

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