6 Benefits of Participating in an Anthology

The stepping stone to becoming a published author

Do you have an idea you want to share with others? Or maybe you have a message that you is burning in your heart and you’ve got to share it out? Maybe you have a life experience or a story that you want others to know? Or maybe you just want to express yourself?

All of these are powerful reasons to start writing. But on what platform? How does one move from scribbling thoughts in a journal to actually getting their ideas out into the world? Many would acknowledge that a book is still one of the best mediums to share your message. Yet, for many the process of writing a whole book feels daunting.

Have you ever considered an anthology as a possible best of both worlds? Anthologies are collections of chapters, poetry, short stories, etc., that authors submit to an editor or publisher for inclusion. The compilation is typically centered around a theme, topic, genre, or type of author.

Intrigued? Here are some benefits to participating in an anthology:

  • It’s less overwhelming. Writing a chapter for an anthology means that you do not have to write a full manuscript – instead you’re writing one chapter that is usually 1,000 to 2,500 words. What a great opportunity to refine your writing process on a much smaller scale, without being responsible for producing a full manuscript of your own!
  • An anthology can be a powerful marketing tool. It offers great branding, expands your influence and increases your visibility as an expert for entrepreneurs. Your visibility is multiplied as you’re are included in various visibility opportunity such as press releases, interviews, and other spotlights. Co-authors can get increased publicity every time the other contributors promote the book. You expand your network as your co-authors become a part of your marketing team and you, theirs.
  • You can narrow your focus to the writing, leaving the burden of publishing to the compiler. In general, the barrier to entry is often much less than that of writing your own book. You may even be able to repurpose previously written works with just a few minor tweaks.
  • It’s more budget friendly. Most anthologies are lower investment point to participate in, than that of writing and publishing your own book.
  • Authors get more support. As you write your story numerous questions come up on how to powerfully present it for yourself and the reader. Fear, blocks and doubt sometimes shows up as you do something new. This is when you need the support of a coach. My passion is to offer you individualized support, encouragement and help to produce your powerful chapter so that you can shine and empower others.
  • Opportunity to Make a Global Impact. In my anthologies, I provide interaction so that you can meet (virtually or in-person) and network. In addition, being associated with other published authors can increase your standing in your industry. And their audience will learn about you. For my anthologies, I offer articles, podcasts and International Virtual Summit & Book Launch to help expand your visibility globally.

As you can see, there are strong reasons for writing a chapter for an anthology. From building yourself up as a writer to expanding your audience and opportunities, the benefits of contributing to a collaborative effort are pretty enticing. What have you really got to lose? If you are looking for an anthology to participate in, I can help. For more information on my next project, visit:  https://www.seemagiri.com/bookwritingopportunities/


Seema Giri, has 20 years of Project Management, Coaching and Leadership experience having trained & coached nearly 100,000 individuals. As an award-winning author, international speaker, holistic lifestyle strategist, Book Compiler and Publisher.

Seema offers her Break Free to Brilliance Program for women entrepreneurs and leaders on how they can Rebound, Reset and Realign themselves when faced with adversity.  She has co-authored the book The Authorities with New York Times bestselling author Dr. John Gray, from the “Mars/Venus” series and spoken across two continents to various audiences.


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