From Pain to Profound Purpose with Indu Aggarwal

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From Pain to Profound Purpose with Indu Aggarwal

Indu Aggarwal  is a co-author in the upcoming book Break Free to Stand in Your Power compiled by Seema Giri, for more information on the book visit 

Indu Aggarwal is a mindfulness teacher who is also certified in a revolutionary energetic healing method called the BodyTalk System. Indu began her journey into alternative medicine in the midst of job stress as an engineering manager at a top Silicon Valley company with twins at home and debilitating back pain that would not respond to traditional medicine. Faced with the prospect of invasive back surgery, she turned to an alternative approach, which not only identified the cause of her pain but also provided a permanent fix. Her severe back pain became a journey that eventually culminated in the courage to her lifelong healing, even from other chronic problems.

Indu has been teaching mindfulness to engineers and professionals and practicing BodyTalk since 2012. Indu is a motivational speaker who inspires and empowers people on their own healing journey. She seeks to show you how you can take your own chronic pain or “disease” as a message and not only reduce or get rid of it, but identify the root cause of why you had the problem to begin with! From her personal experience, Indu believes that it is often “the deepest pain which inspires you to grow into your highest self,” and looks forward to empowering you into purposeful life beyond pain.


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