Embrace the Journey with Lisa Fairchild

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Embrace the Journey with Lisa Fairchild

Lisa Fairchild is a co-author in the upcoming book Break Free to Stand in Your Power compiled by Seema Giri, for more information on the book visit www.seemagiri.com

Lisa Fairchild is a life coach, public speaker, and workshop facilitator. Her work is focused on relationships—the relationships we have with people, and the ones we have with the events and situations in our lives. The heart of her work is helping people tap into their inner wisdom and to honor and trust themselves as the expert on their lives. She believes that when we recognize and live from our most—our truest, most authentic self—and bring that into all aspects of our relationships and life, we feel aligned, congruent, and joyful. Her clients describe her as intuitive, insightful, and supportive. Clients feel focused, resourceful, and empowered to address the choices and decisions in their relationships and lives.

Lisa started coaching in 2007 after over a twenty-year career in Human Resources. She has a BA in Business Administration and an MBA in Human Resources. She received her coaching education through Coach Inc. and is a member of the International Coach Federation. She is a trained Points-Of-You® practitioner and uses the tools in her coaching and in personal and professional development workshops.

Lisa is committed to life-long learning and is always seeking new opportunities that support personal and professional growth, create adventure, and bring fulfillment.





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