How to Fly Above a Dark Cloud by Co-Author Rennu Dhillon

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How to Fly Above a Dark Cloud by Co-Author Rennu Dhillon

Rennu Dhillon is a co author in Break Free to Stand in Your Power compiled by Seema Giri. Rennu is the founder and CEO of Genius Kids, an award-winning early education franchise. Described as a “woman of many talents,” a well-known Bay Area resident and community activist, emcee, and public speaker, Rennu has a Bachelor of Science (Hons), Pharmacy and Doctor of Science in Natural Sciences.

She was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa and completed her education in England. She has made several contributions to news publications during her academic years and began writing poems and articles at age eight. Founder and CEO of Genius Kids, now a national franchise with over thirty-eight locations in California, and described as the “Harvard of Preschools,”  Rennu’s inspirational story has been featured on worldwide documentaries to include, TV 5 Monde, KRON 4, SONY Asia TV, and Doordarshan India. She is a popular radio host of her weekly talk show, Candid Conversations with Rennu Dhillon, and is invited worldwide to speak on various issues affecting women and children, including the House of Lords, United Kingdom.

Rennu hopes to inspire every person who feels their life has fallen apart, to be able to steer the wheel in the direction of their dreams. Her focus at Genius Kids is to equip every child with the life skills for success.

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