Maximizing Your Health & Vitality with the Wisdom of an Ancient Holistic Living System

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Break Free to Brilliance Ep. 49: Maximizing Your Health & Vitality with the Wisdom of an Ancient Holistic Living System

Marsha Golangco, Sustainable Green Designer & Feng Shui Expert

“When we are in a healthy environment, we are healthy too,” explains Marsha Golangco, sustainable green designer, feng shui expert, and co-author of Break Free to Health and Vitality. Marsha joins us on today’s Author Series episode to discuss her chapter, which details how to incorporate the wisdom of feng shui into your life.

Marsha has worked in feng shui for the past 20 to 30 years, helping builders in both home building and commercial building to apply traditional Chinese wisdom to their designs. In her chapter, she combines ancient wisdom with modern day life so that readers can apply these concepts to their own homes. She discusses how feng shui is a holistic system that encompasses not only the physical environment, but also impacts our mental, spiritual and financial environments.

Tune into this week’s episode of Break Free to Brilliance with host Seema Giri and special guest Marsha Golangco to learn more about feng shui and how changing your physical environment can help you become healthier and less stressed. If you have ever been curious about feng shui, you won’t want to miss this episode.



  • “I think fear is like a partner, right? It’s always there with you whether you want it or not.” (10:43-10:48 | Seema)
  • “Feng shui is really improving our environment. In my chapter, I point out that we are the product of our environment. When we are in a healthy environment, we are healthy too. The environment is not just limited to the physical environment, it also has an impact on our mental, emotional, spiritual and financial environment too. It’s a very holistic and wholesome system.” (15:20-16:00 | Marsha)
  • “Vitality, in a way, is how to improve our chi. Chi is the life force, the energy, the synergy around us and within us.” (16:54-17:04 | Marsha)
  • “Writing the chapter is not just about writing one chapter. It’s actually a continuation of inner searching and opening up to what is available and what is out there. What is inside. It’s almost like a self-generating and rippling effect…Writing this chapter opened up another deeper, higher level for me to get in touch with what is available, what is out there, what is in the universe. It is very spiritual…I am beginning to get in touch with my inner ginseng mei…inner power, and almost like emerging….I am transformed. I’m not the same person. It is a journey that I keep on walking and have not stopped and keep on moving forward and digging deep and going higher.” (20:08-22:50 Marsha)
  • “Writing, I think, is such an amazing tool that we don’t even realize how it can help us go even deeper in ourselves.” (23:46-23:55 | Seema)
  • “I would like my readers to of course read the whole book, because it’s all a collective energy that we co-authors share our journey together. My specific chapter, I felt that there’s a lot of value in it. Even as simple as ‘do no harm, do good’. Once we put ourselves in that domain, we will automatically become that. We will be able to forgive others for whatever wrongdoing… Letting go of the past, that is disempowering, still damaging us emotionally, that is doing harm to us…My chapter covers a lot but is easy to read and is easy to understand. I combined a very ancient wisdom together in modern day life, so it’s not just superstition… We are really taking action and really go out and live our life in a positive way, in a productive and proactive way. And peaceful too.” (25:08-28:33 | Marsha)
  • “I would suggest everybody…to put ourselves in the paradigm of how to eat healthy, be happy. I think that would be a recipe for another great year to start.” (30:31-31:02 | Marsha)


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