Body Language for Video with Susan Ibitz, Human Behavior Hacker

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Body Language for Video with Susan Ibitz, Human Behavior Hacker

Have you ever met a Human Behavior Hacker? Some people hack computers, I hack humans.  Imagine this…You can read people like a book; an open book revealed to you.  OUR INTELLIGENCE IS NOT ARTIFICIAL We don’t sell classes, we are building the new generation, we are bringing people to discover the superpower called science, the science of HUMAN BEHAVIOR.  

Studies show that every Face and Body Expression is hardwired into our DNA, they are part of our Paleo-Circuit [survival instinct & communication]. Studies by Matsumoto published in 2009 showed that kids born blind express, not only the same emotions as sighted kids, but they also show them the same way sighted kids do as well. This means that even if you think others cannot pick on your cues, they do. Can you afford to do it wrong?  No human has been harmed during my 28 years of teaching and consulting.  

With more people working from home due to the pandemic, her skills can offer critical tips for participants of Zoom meetings, e-learning platforms, corporate webinars and virtual conferences. Not to mention co-workers who want to make the best impression online or journalists who’ll now be using video chats for interviews.

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