Fearless with Amanda Yeary-Tiravanti

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Fearless with Amanda Yeary-Tiravanti

Amanda Yeary-Tiravanti  is a co-author in the upcoming book Break Free to Stand in Your Power compiled by Seema Giri, for more information on the book visit www.seemagiri.com

Amanda Yeary-Tiravanti is an author, speaker, and a pain freedom coach. She shares her transformational journey from being dependent on prescription drugs and being in chronic pain from scoliosis, to creating a life unrecognizable to where and who she used to be. Serving others

by bringing hope and empowering change for other women who are struggling with chronic pain. Through living what she teaches, she is a walking example of the possibilities for others. Amanda’s mission is to bring hope to the hopeless, helping women understand that there are other options, chemical dependency is not the only way, and emotions are the key to learning how.

Amanda’s journey started in the small southeastern Kentucky town of Middlesboro. This is where the legacy of natural healing has its roots in initially learning from her great-great-grandmother some of the foundational herbal and common-sense strategies to help with day to day complaints. She has maintained Mom Weaver’s no-nonsense stance when helping people, with a tough-love approach to cutting through the stories of her clients, with a no b.s. mentality to helping you grow past your self imposed limits and the no hope just cope messaging from modern medicine.


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