Financial Independence with Reenu Cherian

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Financial Independence with Reenu Cherian

Reenu Cherian is a co-author in the upcoming book Break Free to Stand in Your Power compiled by Seema Giri, for more information on the book visit

Reenu Cherian is a financial advisor considered very knowledgeable and helpful in tax-saving and retirement strategies. She owns and operates an independent insurance and financial services agency, helping women achieve financial security. She has a bachelor’s in computer engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology.

After graduation, she got married and immigrated to the US. Although she spent a few years working in the technology field, she has always been an entrepreneur at heart. She worked with a network marketing company in the US and went overseas to build a successful team in India when they expanded into that market. Many years later, she decided to buy an Indian restaurant, which she ran for five years. Afterward, she joined her husband and ran the HR and recruiting department for their corporate learning and Development company focused on technology training where they were able to get thousands of women, minorities, and veterans into brand-new careers in information technology.

Later in life, she realized that there were a lot of people who needed a better understanding of how money works and went through ups and downs in life for lack of a proper financial education and planning. She became very passionate about sharing her knowledge about business and personal finances to her friends and family. She strongly believes that women should be able to take care of their finances and build a secure future, not only for their retirement but also to build a lasting legacy and create inter-generational wealth. She is actively involved in her community and is currently the Vice President of Malayalee Association of Northern CA (MANCA), a large non-profit focused on the social needs of the Keralite community in Bay Area. She lives in Mountain House, California with her husband, son, and mom.

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