Smarter Way to Promote Yourself with Jōs Hanan

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Smarter Way to Promote Yourself with Jōs Hanan

Jōs Hanan is the co-author of the Break Free to Stand in Your Power Anthology compiled by Seema Giri.

Jōs Hanan is the CEO/Founder of Promote Her Business (PHB) International, which is a “hybrid between an advanced networking group and year-round marketing and sales training program” for supportive and purpose-driven women entrepreneurs across industries and experience levels. Jōs is a strategic messaging coach and speaker who supports women entrepreneurs across industries to “write in a way that sells and compels.”

Jōs has expertise in copywriting, training design/development, marketing strategy, sales training, event facilitation, leadership development, advanced networking, public speaking, and women and entrepreneurship.

For over a decade, Jōs has specialized in working with businesses across industries to UPlevel their marketing and communications; develop strong leaders; and design, develop, and facilitate business training. Jōs has worked in corporate, nonprofit, and academic settings, as well as had the government as a client. She has consulted with Fortune 500s and has had small businesses of her own, so she can directly relate to the pains and passions of entrepreneurs! Jōs’ biggest passion is helping more women entrepreneurs discover their “signature message” and have it be remembered, repeated, and responded to!

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