Breaking Free with Mindfulness with Michelle Sugiyama

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Breaking Free with Mindfulness with Michelle Sugiyama

Michelle Sugiyama is a co-author in the upcoming book Break Free to Stand in Your Power compiled by Seema Giri, for more information on the book visit

Michelle Sugiyama, M.S., engages, inspires, and empowers people to take control of their health. While she is the founder of Mindful Eating, a certified health coach, nutritional chef, and national speaker, Michelle did not begin her career in wellness. She received a Master’s in chemistry and then quit corporate America after ten long years. Michelle became a top honors graduate at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts with an externship in Southern France and founded a personal chef company so families could have healthy conversations and food around their own dinner table. She also went back into corporate America as the highlight of numerous employee wellness programs with captivating seminars, culinary demonstrations, and mouthwatering dishes. Michelle’s passion for lifelong education and service lead her to a health coaching certification and is on track to become a Board Certified, Master Certified health coach in late 2020.

For over fifteen years, Michelle has enhanced the wellness of busy women, children, seniors, and employees at mid-sized to Fortune 100 companies by bridging the gap between knowing you should be healthy and actually doing it. While science-based, with a focus on the microbiome, she gives simple, effective, and practical tools so you can truly enjoy the golden half of life. Michelle’s inspirations are her eight-year-old adopted daughter and 101-year-old grandmother whose mantra was health is #1.

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