Using Rebel Success for Health and Vitality with Charlotte Allen

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Using Rebel Success for Health and Vitality

Break Free to Brilliance Ep. 47: Using Rebel Success for Health and Vitality

“Being rebels can be very tiring, but it’s also extremely exciting,” says Charlotte Allen, bestselling author of Rebel Success for Leaders. She joins us on today’s Author Series episode to discuss her solo book along with her chapter in the recently released #1 international bestselling book Break Free to Health and Vitality, which focuses on the importance of recovery.

A rebel from a young age, Charlotte is now inspired to help others find success while rebelling against the script society has written for them. In her chapter, she discusses the importance of listening to your body’s signals and giving yourself recovery time for better overall health and vitality. She admits that for many years, she ignored these signals and didn’t take proper care of herself. However, when she slowed down and took the time to really listen, she realized her body was telling her exactly what it needed to thrive.

Tune in to this week’s episode of Break Free to Brilliance with host Seema Giri and special guest Charlotte Allen to learn more about unleashing your inner rebel and breaking out of your comfort zone to achieve inner growth. Glean valuable tips for how to listen to your body’s cues, so that you can recover properly and avoid burnout. If you identify as a rebel or have ever wanted to be more successful while staying true to yourself, you won’t want to miss this episode.



  • “[Rebel Success] started young. It really started with how I made that step forward into doing something that nobody else I was living with, or around, or in my family had ever really done. I knew that for me, growing up in a rural Maryland area, having the opportunities that females do with teaching or nursing, never visiting any other part of the world, not investigating. It was kind of like my life was scripted and all I had to do was plug into the script that somebody else created for me. From that very moment I was not going to be scripted. The rebel in me started very young.” (06:36-07:26)
  • “When I sat down to write the book it was really about how do I bring forth who I am and what I stand for?” (08:03-08:08)
  • “How do I seek my truth through my rebel? How do I be uniquely me and still be successful with it?” (08:36-08:44)
  • “If you are in a place in your life where you feel really comfortable, if you’re feeling kind of like you’re just hanging out, you don’t really want to do anything, you don’t really want to change, it’s all just fine…and then there’s this little nudge usually or this comment that says maybe you should do this or maybe you should do that, and you always turn it down…that awareness to know that is in fact a signal.” (18:49-19:22)
  • “I have a huge passion about health and for me the anthology Break Free to Health and Vitality was an opportunity for me to show how those go together and really help people understand that while they are becoming uniquely themselves that can be exhausting. That can be something that takes a lot of your energy and your time. And I wanted to have an opportunity to talk about how you need to approach your health and vitality during that phase because honestly if you are not paying attention to it, your message, your unique stuff is not going to break the light of day…so you have to figure out how to approach this with some level of health, vitality, nurturing of yourself as you’re on this journey. Otherwise, you’ll just burn out.” (23:51-24:45)


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