Personalized HealthCare: The Future of Medicine

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Personalized HealthCare: The Future of Medicine
Tune in to this week’s episode of Break Free to Brilliance with host Seema Giri and special guest Dr. Ernesto Medina to learn more about how to take control of your health. Gain valuable insight into how you can make immediate changes to improve your health outcomes and live a life filled with more energy and vitality. If you’ve been wondering how you can better manage your health during the pandemic, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Educate yourself so that you make the best informed decision for yourself, for your family, and those you need to protect,” says Dr. Ernesto Medina, licensed chiropractor and two-time international best-selling author. Dr. Medina has been a chiropractor for almost 10 years and for the past 5 years has been working in the field of functional medicine and clinical neuroscience. He joins us on today’s Author Series episode to discuss his chapter in the recently released #1 international bestselling book Break Free to Health and Vitality

In Dr. Medina’s chapter, he discusses alternative approaches to healthcare and how people can be better informed to take control of their own health outcomes. He drives home the idea that pre-existing, chronic health conditions are often directly caused by behaviors that are within our control, such as food choices, sleep habits, and exercise routines. Using the pandemic as an example, he demonstrates how comorbidities can lead to hospitalization and how changing certain behaviors can help reduce those comorbidities to improve overall health and improve COVID outcomes. 


  • “I wanted to offer an alternative perspective outside the conventional norm of what could be done and  what should be done with the United States healthcare system and also for individuals really taking control of their own health.” (9:29-9:49)
  • “All we’re doing is coming from a place of trying to help show the alternative perspective so that individuals can make an informed decision from a place of education. Do their own exploration. Not just doing what they’re being told to do. The saying has been coming out a lot ‘don’t be a sheep.’ Well, yeah don’t be a sheep, also educate yourself so that you make a best informed decision for yourself, for your family, and those you need to protect.” (16:22-16:57)
  • “A lot of these comorbid factors, pre-existing conditions, for the vast majority, not all, are chronic disease issues that directly correlate with poor lifestyle, diet choices. They are things that are fully in one’s control. When one comes from a place of education and knowing that and knowing how to influence those factors that are within my immediate control, my food choices, my exercise choices, my sleep habits. When someone is informed of how those can contribute to chronic diseases, those chronic comorbid conditions, we can work at taking control of our health, like we discussed earlier, and decrease our risk for poor outcomes and hospitalization.”(17:46-18:42)
  • “By far the number one thing you can control in your life is going to be the food choices you make. And then the second one that’s a very close second is how much physical activity one chooses to do. Both of those are two of the most important just to start with.” (19:23-19:42)

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