Living Your Losses and Finding Your Forward with Cheryl Jones

Break Free to Brilliance Podcast:

Our special guest today is Cheryl Jones,  host of the radio show Good Grief on the VoiceAmerica network. 
She is also a grief counselor and cancer educator. During her education as a Marriage and Family Therapist, her rst wife was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, which was at the time a uniformly fatal illness with a six month to one year prognosis. In the eight + years that followed, Cheryl engaged daily in the work of preparing for her death. She received training during this period from Stephen and Ondrea Levine (Who Dies and Grieving Into Life and Death) and Richard Olney (founder of Self-Acceptance Training). After her wife’s death, Cheryl immersed herself in her own multifaceted grief, surprised by frequent moments of joy. Cheryl was Manager of Professional Education at the Women’s Cancer Resource Center (Oakland, CA), where she developed, managed and taught in their Continuing Education program. Over the past 30 years, she has also facilitated support groups at the Center. She facilitates grief workshops, integrating music into the art of remembrance. Her novel, An Ocean Between Them, tells the story of a mother and her lesbian daughter healing their broken relationship after the daughter is diagnosed with cancer. Cheryl is passionate about providing access to information and conversations about death and grief. She has appeared on numerous podcasts and speaks frequently about grief, resilience, and change. Combining her personal experience with a wide breath of knowledge encourages audience members to believe they are uniquely capable of navigating their own challenges, finding their way to a deeper life.
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